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Content creators know how important it is to add music in the background of a video to make it extra appealing. and its not that easy to find good royalty free music. 

Here are some of the best places to find decent quality royalty free mucis:

1. Soundcloud

Founded in 2007 as a kind of YouTube for audio, SoundCloud became popular among a wide swath of outsider artists. It helped fuel the rise of EDM and the raw, grunge-inspired genre that came to be known as SoundCloud rap. The company’s monthly audience grew from 11 million in 2011 to 175 million four years later


Bensound provides free royalty-free music as long as you credit Bensound and the artist in your video description.

3. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has its own music library where you can find music and sound effects perfectly curated for the mood and genre of your video or short film. Don’t forget to credit the artist in your video description.

4. Royalty Free Music Youtube Channel

Background audio library for YouTube videos with non copyrighted music without limits for content creators, filmmakers and montage editors.

Note: Please don't forget to credit the artist when using their music in your videos 

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